About Our Prop Bags

Prop Bags are available at our Rocky Horror Picture Show performances.

  • The bags are designed to both enhance audience experience and make cleanup easy with blowers and push brooms.
  • Donation is $4 each, 2 for $7, 3 for $10 to help support the cast expenses.

Our bags are loaded! Each bag contains:

  • Newspaper (Janet’s cheap Rain Coat)
  • Noisemaker (Transylvanian applause)
  • Glove (Snap!)
  • Roll of toilet paper (Dr. Scott!)
  • Party Hat (for Rocky’s Birthday)
  • “Toast” (cardboard) (to Absent Friends)
  • Paper Plate (when the sheet comes off the table)
  • Sponge (to Drain your Emotions)
  • “Hot Dog” (cardboard)
  • 3 Playing Cards (for Sorrow and Pain)