History: Construction Era (1984-1987)

CUMBERLAND TWIN CINEMAS, Cumberland, RI: Apr 1985 – Aug 1987
AVON CINEMA, Providence, RI: 1986 – 1987 Various 2-3 week runs

We had a 6-month gap before our next theater. It was not wasted. We developed a sense of community by working and exchanging with the 2nd Groton cast and reaching out to the advanced Boston Cast. It was a very big moment for us that we performed a show at their Harvard Square Cinema in front of them. We looked up to them. It brought out our best.

We took better charge of the violence problem at the Cumberland Twin Cinemas (CTC), instituting the “search” as people walked in. This was finally a place we could call “home” again. Ownership was the ultimate Mom & Pop, Paul & Barbara Anderson. They cared about us. We were treated well for the first time since Mr. Jarvis. We could actually store props again in the theater instead of bringing them to/from the theater every show. We started MC-ing before the shows (Previously, shows began with audience screaming “Lips!” until the movie started.) At this point, we had gotten beyond the challenge of filling the roles every night two nights a week.

We also had grown to the point we could take on the occasional road performances at a 2nd cinema (the Avon again) while still casting the primary one.

CTC was forced to close due to economic reasons after a 2 1/2 year run. A tearful ending, but great memories.